Uncover Savings with Silvaris Surplus Materials

When it comes to construction projects, budgeting is always a top priority. Whether it’s a roofing contractor or a large-scale hotel remodeler, finding ways to stretch a building budget can make a significant difference.

At Silvaris, we’re known as a wholesale distributor of B Grade construction materials, but did you know that we also offer a wide range of other surplus products that can help you find substantial savings?

Strong Partnerships and Competitive Pricing

We’ve established strong partnerships with discount retailers and creatively source products directly from major retailers, manufacturers and importers. Through these connections, we’re able to secure surplus materials at competitive prices. Our goal is to provide our suppliers with the best return on their liquidations, allowing them to clear out excess inventory, and then we pass along the liquidation pricing to our customers.

Real-Time Tracking and Information Flow

Managing surplus materials and fluctuating pricing can be a challenge, especially in a fast-paced industry. However, we excel in this area. We leverage our proprietary online trading platform, which serves as the backbone of our operations. This platform enables us to track information flow related to transactions between traders, accounting, credit, and logistics. By utilizing this technology, we ensure real-time updates and accurate pricing information for our surplus materials, allowing our customers to make informed decisions and find the best deals.

Here are just a few of the product categories available within our always-changing-but-steady surplus inventory:
Furniture:Whether you're renovating a residential, hotel or commercial space, furniture can significantly impact the overall design and aesthetics. We offer a range of surplus furniture pieces. These high-quality items come at discounted prices, enabling you to furnish your projects within your interior design style while staying within budget.

Kitchen and Bath: The kitchen and bathroom are often focal points in construction projects. We all know these products can add up. Our surplus materials include kitchen and bath fixtures, flooring, wall tile, sinks, and they have been much loved by contractors doing hotel renovations, along with project managers for Habitat for Humanity and other new-construction projects. By exploring these surplus options, project managers and builders can save a substantial amount without compromising on quality or design.

Hardware: From door handles and hinges to locks and fasteners, hardware is an essential component in any construction project. Our products include a variety of hardware options, allowing you to find the right pieces at discounted prices.

Daily Deals

Our dedicated sales team prides itself on offering unique deals that cater to the diverse needs of our customers. This category encompasses a wide range of surplus materials. By regularly checking our Daily Deals, you can uncover hidden gems and seize opportunities to save on various aspects of your construction projects.

So whether you're looking for furniture, kitchen and bath materials, hardware, or unique deals, Silvaris is the go-to source for cost-effective solutions in the construction industry. Make the most of your building budget and unlock incredible value with our surplus materials!

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