Cover Your Competition: Surplus and Builder Grade Flooring Gives Your Business a Competitive Edge

As small and mid-sized flooring stores are further pressured to compete with big-box stores and online sales, one option is to offer affordable builder’s grade, closeout and surplus tile flooring options to local customers.

Flooring retailers all struggle with the balance of quality products vs. affordable prices. These days, customers want the best bang for their buck. Stocking builder’s grade tile flooring can be the answer for many of your customers.

What is Builder’s Grade tile flooring?

Builder’s Grade tile flooring typically has a minor defect like weathered packaging, pin holes in glaze, minor discoloration or chips.

Surplus, Discontinued and Closeout

Manufacturers are constantly trying to create and stay ahead of design trends, leaving them with extra product they’d like to sell fast. Buying their surplus, discontinued or closeout products gives you the opportunity to increase your margins or pass along savings to your customers.

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