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Silvaris is the leading supplier of B-Grade roofing materials.

Our contracts with some of the largest roofing materials manufacturers in the United States make us able to consistently supply you with products. In a seasonal or evolving marketplace, Silvaris is your go-to supplier for discount roofing products.

Roofing Products For Distribution

Roofing Material

We offer a wide range of shingle styles and colors for you to choose from. Looking for something in particular? Let us know.

Roofing Distributor
Commercial Roofing Product

Many products available from several manufacturers, including Torch, Peel & Stick, and Base products.

Silvaris Roofing
Synthetic Roofing Felt

Our Synthetic roofing is available by the pallet and truckload and can be shipped nationwide. Synthetic roofing can be an alternative to asphalt felt.

Roofing Tar Paper
Asphalt Saturated Organic Roofing Felt

Product is available in all areas from several major manufacturers. Available in 15lb and 30lb options.

We make it easy for manufacturers to get B Grade materials out of their primary supply chains. We have a long history of re-branding products to ensure they go to the right buyers.

Quality products, consistent supply, sales channel integrity. Every time.

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Did You Know

What is Off-Grade? 

Off-Grade products are ones that don’t meet the quality standards of a manufacturer or industry for various reasons and can’t be sold as 1st quality material. This is a great opportunity for companies needing smaller quantities or using the materials for alternative purposes to save some money.  


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