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Silvaris is the leading North American distributor of downfall OSB. We sell many sizes and grades, including Econ, Reject, and slightly damaged A-grade. We can even cut OSB you purchase from us to size. 

With our extensive supply contracts and unwavering commitment to delivering  products, we are always ready to support our suppliers and customers even in the face of unpredictable market fluctuations. Our team of seasoned professionals possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of panels, ranging from small to large sizes and varying grades. They are always on hand to help you sift through the vast array of options available and make the most informed purchasing decisions for your specific job requirements.

Shipping & Packaging

Low-grade OSB is used to make crates and pallets for shipping. Oriented strand board is often a cheaper alternative to other panels with similar strength ratings, making them ideal for heavily used shipping containers.

Industrial Uses

Oriented strand board has many uses outside of wall sheathing, like dunnage, slip sheets, and crane mats. Low-grade OSB can be the cheapest alternative for a wide variety of applications, from the farm to factory! 


Different building code regulations allow for low-grade OSB boards to be used in constructing sheds, barns, coops and storage buildings. OSB is believed to be more water-resistant than plywood. Landscaping sheds, workshops, and other popular outbuildings are often constructed with OSB which saves on cost and can extend the life of the structure.

Furniture Frames

Traditionally the frames that form the base of upholstered furniture have been made with hardwood lumber. However, in the last decade, wood panels, and in particular industrial-strength OSB wood panels, have been incorporated into furniture manufacturing for many major furniture brands.  As a result, furniture manufacturers are seeing a higher return on investment in the construction of furniture designs.

Want to know if low grade OSB is right for you? Let us help! Fill out the RFQ form below and our expert staff will guide you to the right products for your business.

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