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Silvaris is the leading North American distributor for many downfall panel products such as OSB (Oriented Strand Board), Plywood Sheets, Siding, Hardboard, MDF, and others.

Far-reaching supply contracts and a dedication to downfall products guarantee that we can support our suppliers and customers through fluctuating markets. We have a team of experts in all different sizes and grades of various panels that help you filter through the noise and make the right buying decisions for your jobs.

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Silvaris is the North American leader in downfall OSB Boards. We sell many sizes and grades, including Econ, Reject, and slightly damaged A Grade.

Plywood Sheets

We find the best deals on plywood that extend across North America, even in places that are hard to reach.

OSB Panels
Siding & Off-Grade Siding Products

Unique relationships give us the first access to many popular off-grade siding products such as 8” OC B Grade and various Lap Siding sizes.

OSB Panels
Other Panels

We also have supply relationships for hardboard, MDF, engineered panels, roofing panels, and many more.

Contracted supply means we are there through the thick and thin, year-round, ready to get you what you need at any time.

Economical OSB Board and Plywood products at your fingertips.

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Do you know...

What are OSB Boards
Oriented Strand Board – OSB, sometimes referred to as: just OSB, OSB Panels, OSB Sheathing, OSB Sheets, and OSB Plywood, is an engineered wood-based structural product, like particleboard, primarily used in the construction industry. Because of its inherent load-bearing properties and dimensional stability, these structural panels are commonly used as wall sheathing, floors, siding, and decking for roofs.


Different Types of Plywood and Their Uses
Plywood sheets are a man-made material manufactured by bonding three or more (always an odd number) layers (plies) of wood together to form a panel. Each layer’s grain is at 90 degrees to its neighbor before being glued, which helps prevent warping, shrinking, or expanding, giving the sheet its strength, and stability.

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OSB Market News Summer 2022

OSB Market News Summer 2022

It is starting to look like the Oriented Strand Board (OSB) market is about to enter uncharted territory due to a number of very serious economic issues appearing on the horizon. The summer of 2022 could well be a “summer of discontent.” Economic Factors That Could Dictate OSB Prices This Summer and Into the Fall …

Maintain Plywood Inventory

How to Maintain the Quality of your Plywood Inventory

As a retail store owner, your reputation is going to be made based on several factors. First and foremost will be customer service and price competitiveness. With that said, you can’t afford to overlook the importance of making sure that the products and materials you sell are of the finest quality possible. Sometimes, the way …

Did You Know

Did you know plywood has been around for thousands of years? Archeologists found traces of laminated wood in the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs.

Plywood was introduced into the United States in 1865 and industrial production started shortly after. In 1928, the first standard-sized 4 ft by 8 ft (1.2 m by 2.4 m) plywood sheets were introduced in the United States for use as a general building material.

Source: Wikipedia

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