For Carriers

We care a lot about our carriers and spend lots of time focusing on how to support quality service providers.

Our logistics technology has been around since long before logistics technology was the “in thing”. We have many opportunities for carriers to connect with us and work to provide the most efficient workflow possible.


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Our Lanes

We work with a variety of large and small companies and have many program shipments in place. If you have any niche lanes or “off-the-beaten-path” routes, we want to hear from you.

B-Grade Wood Supplier
Our Loadboard

We operate a Silvaris-only Available Loads page where authorized carriers can log in and automatically book loads.

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New carriers can sign up here. Already a Silvaris carrier? Login here.

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Did You Know

Silvaris used to be known as LowGradeLumber. While we don’t use our tagline, “Low-grade lumber from high-grade people”, anymore we still believe in that tagline and make every effort to provide the best customer service in the industry.  

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