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We are known for providing customers with insights on the ever-changing market and products. These insights allow them to make sound decisions in purchasing.

Our supply relationships are unparalleled in our industry. Focusing on excess products, returns, downfall, and overruns positions us as a problem-solver and gains us access to the very best deals, which we pass on to you.


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Our buying power gives us the ability to set up unique programs with you. We’ll use our industry expertise to help you identify the most cost-effective materials for your products. 


We can partner with you to provide the products you sell to your customers. We believe in transparency and we want to help you succeed. 

OSB Lumber

We can deliver a steady stream of the products your customers need at affordable prices. We understand that sometimes your customers need solutions they can’t find at the big boxes. 

Silvaris salespeople are tuned into customer relationships. Even though we are a technology-focused group, we believe wholeheartedly in the value of the partnership between salesperson and customer.

Let us help you on your journey to success.

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What is Dunnage?

Dunnage is a plywood grade where the panels can be untrimmed, mixed thickness, severe delamination, and blows, be out of square, half panels, and/or panels cut on sever angles. They have no structural qualities and are most often used for packing or as space sheets for shipping.  

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