Low-Grade OSB Panels

Low-Grade OSB Panels for Your Projects

Oriented strand board, or “OSB”, is manufactured all over the world as a panel alternative to plywood. Like many other building materials, OSB sheathing is subject to very particular grading requirements if it is going to be used in construction. When a given Oriented Strand Board panel doesn’t make the grade, it can’t be used in residential or commercial buildings…as a result, low-grade OSB panels can be put to many other cost-effective uses.

Below are five ways Oriented strand board can be used in construction projects.

1.) Packaging

Low-grade OSB is used to make crates and pallets for shipping. Oriented strand board panels are a cheaper alternative to other boards with similar strength features, making them ideal for heavily used shipping containers.

2.) Furniture Frames

Traditionally the frames that form the base of upholstered furniture have been made with hardwood lumber. However, in the last decade, wood panels, and in particular industrial-strength OSB wood panels, have been incorporated into furniture manufacturing for many major furniture brands.  As a result, furniture manufacturers are seeing a higher return on investment in the construction of furniture designs.

3.) Outbuildings

Different building code regulations allow for low-grade OSB boards to be used in constructing sheds, barns, and storage buildings. OSB is believed to be more water-resistant than plywood. Because so, landscaping sheds, workshops, and other popular outbuildings are often constructed with OSB which saves on cost and can extend the life of the structure.

4.) Concrete Forms

Off-grade OSB is a great economical alternative for forms need in a concrete building. A thicker OSB board, greater than 1/4 inches, is ideal for concrete form construction. Thinner forms can be used, but may require additional support to hold the form.

5.) Industrial Equipment

Manufacturers use OSB panels for other things as well, like dunnage, slip sheets, and crane mats. 

Oriented strand board has many uses outside of wall sheathing. Low-grade OSB panels can be the cheapest alternative for a wide variety of applications, from the farm to the factory! 

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