Keeping B Grade Materials out of landfills

Keeping B Grade Materials Out of Landfills

Diverting construction materials out of landfills is not only the responsible thing to do, it’s financially beneficial for both suppliers and buyers.

The construction industry is a massive consumer of raw materials and natural resources, and it generates an estimated 38% of the world’s carbon emissions. With more and more businesses and consumers looking for ways to reduce their building carbon footprint, using materials destined for the landfill is one solution.

As our industry looks for ways to have a positive impact, Silvaris has already been at the forefront of diverting materials away from landfills for over 23 years.

Reducing Shingle Waste

Silvaris has kept almost half a million tons of shingles out of landfills over our 23-year history. Instead of disposing of shingles as waste, we’ve found innovative ways to repurpose them in residential and commercial building projects, which reduces the burden on landfills and conserves natural resources.

Finding Homes for Perfectly Good Building Materials

Another significant achievement in our 23-year history is finding a home for over 8,000 truckloads of perfectly good building materials. By connecting buyers with sellers and leveraging our cutting-edge inventory management data and tracking, we ensure these materials find their way into new projects. This not only reduces waste but also provides a cost-effective solution for buyers looking for quality construction materials.

Repurposing Lowest Grade Wood Products

We’ve made significant strides in diverting low grade wood products from landfills. By repurposing these materials for shipping and packaging, to date, we’ve redirected 500 trucks of dunnage that were headed to landfills. 

Offering a Diverse Range of Materials

Silvaris offers a wide range of B grade construction materials and surplus that is diverted from landfills. 

  • Commercial Roll Roofing: Instead of discarding B Grade commercial roll roofing, we provide an avenue for contractors and re-sellers to sell or purchase these materials at discounted rates. This reduces waste and allows the material to be used in projects that don’t require a warranty.
  • Roofing Shingles: Roofing shingles that are slightly different colors than A Grade colors can find new life through us. Rather than sending them to landfills, these shingles can be stockpiled by contractors for upcoming projects or sold to customers wanting to build sheds or outbuildings, or do minor repairs.
  • Lumber, plywood and OSB: We offer B Grade lumber, plywood, and oriented strand board (OSB) that may have minor imperfections but are still perfectly usable. These materials are ideal for applications like pallets, sheds, fencing, heavy equipment mats, furniture frames or temporary structures.
  • Flooring: Surplus flooring materials, including hardwood, laminate, or vinyl, can find new homes through Silvaris. These materials can be utilized for remodeling projects, small and large renovations, or even DIY projects.
  • Liquidation: We also assist businesses and suppliers in liquidating excess inventory, ensuring that these materials don't end up in landfills. By connecting sellers with potential buyers, we help promote resourcefulness and waste reduction within the construction industry.
  • Surplus Building Supplies: We act as a marketplace for various surplus building supplies, ranging from doors and windows to plumbing fixtures and electrical components. By facilitating the resale of these items, they help reduce waste and extend the lifespan of these valuable resources.

The Benefits of Diverting B Grade Materials

Diverting B Grade materials from landfills offers many benefits to both suppliers and buyers. For suppliers, it presents an opportunity to reduce disposal costs and their environmental impact. Instead of paying for waste removal, suppliers can collaborate with Silvaris to find buyers for their excess materials, recouping some of their investment. This not only helps them recover costs but also promotes responsible waste management practices, enhancing their reputation as environmentally conscious businesses.

Buyers can also take advantage of the availability of B Grade materials and surplus supplies through Silvaris. These materials often come at a significantly discounted price compared to their new counterparts, making them an attractive option for cost-conscious individuals and businesses. By purchasing B Grade materials, buyers can achieve substantial savings on their projects—or pass along the savings to their customers— without compromising quality or performance.

The use of B Grade materials contributes to the overall efforts of the construction industry to produce less waste. By diverting these materials from landfills, valuable resources are conserved, and the demand for new materials is reduced. This, in turn, lessens the environmental impact associated with extraction, manufacturing, and transportation of new construction materials.

Keeping B Grade materials out of landfills helps alleviate the strain on landfill capacity. Landfills are finite resources, and the improper disposal of construction waste can lead to environmental contamination and increased pollution. By diverting materials from landfills, we’re actively working toward contributing to our industry in a positive way, minimizing waste generation, and helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

The importance of diverting B Grade construction materials and surplus from landfills can’t be overstated. We’ll continue to work toward reducing landfill waste while helping others save money and create a responsible construction industry for generations to come.

Want to learn how you can save money and help the environment by buying or selling B Grade materials or surplus?  Contact us for more information.