Empowering Our Clients With Cutting-edge Technology

There’s an ongoing challenge to manage costs in the current economic climate. Rising construction material costs, lingering supply chain issues and current inflationary pressures can make it hard on customers, whether they’re an independent general contractor or running a national auction house. 

Staying ahead in our industry requires a blend of traditional expertise and knowledge of technology solutions. With roots firmly grounded in the construction industry, Silvaris has emerged as a leader in leveraging technology to benefit our wholesale clients, including contractors, smaller home improvement retailers, manufacturers, discount construction material outlets, building supply auction houses, and salvage yards. 

Our Roots
Our history in the construction industry goes back over two decades. Silvaris was founded by industry veterans who recognized the need for a more efficient and streamlined approach to source wholesale construction materials. Leveraging our experience in both construction and technology, we set out to create a unique business that would bridge the gap between suppliers and buyers.

QuickBuys™: Enhancing Efficiency and Saving Time
One of the key technology services we offer is QuickBuys. Designed to streamline the purchasing process, QuickBuys lets our clients easily access a wide range of building materials through a user-friendly platform. Retailers, manufacturers, and other industry professionals can browse through an extensive catalog of products, compare prices, and make purchases with just a few clicks. 

Once you’re signed up you get notified instantly via email when the products you want become available.

There are three major services offered through QuickBuys:

Daily Offers
This service is like having a 24/7 assistant looking for the best deals. You receive daily offers via email with delivered prices to your location(s). Early notifications can help you obtain the product you need to keep your inventory levels steady.

Price-Compare Technology
We understand the importance of cost savings in the building industry. To address this, we’ve developed advanced price-compare technology. This feature lets our clients compare prices from multiple suppliers so they know they’re getting the best possible deal. With just a few simple steps, users can access a comprehensive overview of prices, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize their purchasing power.

This technology provides a level playing field, no matter what size your company is. It fosters healthy competition and promotes fair pricing practices, ultimately benefiting the entire industry.

Expedited Account
First order with us? No problem! Reserve the load you want; we’ll expedite your new account with a line of credit or wire-transfer arrangements before shipping your first load.

In a Nutshell
QuickBuys significantly enhances efficiency by eliminating the need for time-consuming searches and negotiations. It provides an invaluable solution for busy professionals who often face tight project deadlines. Our clients can rest assured that they are obtaining quality materials at competitive prices, without the hassle of traditional procurement methods.

It’s All About Customer Service
As we’ve all experienced, cutting-edge technology isn’t really a benefit if you can’t pick up the phone and talk to a human on the other end. Even though we’re a technology-focused company, we believe wholeheartedly in the value of building strong relationships.

So if you ever need help with QuickBuys or have any questions about a potential or existing order, we’ve got your back. As the industry continues to evolve, we’ll remain at the forefront, empowering our clients and driving positive change in the industry.


Want to check out QuickBuys and take it for a spin? Sign up today!