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Silvaris QuickBuys™ is your daily buyer-flier email complete with delivered pricing, product info, pics, & more. Order the trucks you need in just a few clicks. Tell us your product preferences and sign up today!

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Features of QuickBuys™

Daily Offers

Receive daily offers with delivered prices to YOUR location(s). Early notifications can help you obtain the product you need for your inventory.

Price-Compare Technology

Our Price-Compare technology uses your delivery location to compare FOB freight rates on similar products to give you the best price every time.

Expedited Account

Expedited account for your first order. Reserve the load you want, we quickly expedite your new account with a line of credit or wire-transfer arrangements before shipping your first load.

Easy to Use System

Our easy-to-use QuickBuys system allows you to get the job done quickly.

Ordering is as simple as: Click or tap on the offer > View the details > Place your order. That’s it. All done.

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