Customer Service That Puts You First

We’re experts in building supplies and the latest technology, and we’re dedicated to getting you the best deals.

Founded by a technology expert and a lumber industry expert, Silvaris opened its doors in 2000. Since then, we’ve evolved into a premier building materials trading partner for hundreds of manufacturers, wholesale and distribution companies, warehouses, freight carriers, and retail operations. 

Whether you’re a supplier or a contractor, we offer a customer-focused, data-oriented approach to supply chains and inventory management. And we connect you to this real-time approach so you get the best deals on a daily basis.

But all this wouldn’t work if we didn’t have best-in-class customer service: the hard-working team on the other end of the phone when you need a quick response and a problem-solving mindset. Our customer service team is the “third leg” of our unique approach to giving you the best service and best products at low prices.

Here are a few examples of how excellent customer service and cutting edge technology can make your life easier.


ShortStacks are what we call our web specials. We update them every day and you can access them through a laptop or mobile device. Whether you’re looking for siding, lumber, roofing or surplus materials like doors and plumbing supplies, this is the place to start your day and find some great deals.

Just click on the “Get Quote” link on the ShortStacks page and send the automatic email to our customer service team. They’ll respond same day (usually within the hour if it’s before 4 p.m PST) or next business day.

Quick Buys™

Quick Buys is a service you sign up for that instantly notifies you via email when the product(s) you want become available. So you can be on a job site or focused on building a bid and still be the first to know about a deal you don’t want to pass up.

Here are some key features of QuickBuys:

Daily Offers

Receive these daily, along with the delivered price to your location(s). Early notifications can help you obtain the product you need for your inventory.

Price-Compare Technology

This technology uses your delivery location to compare FOB freight rates on similar products to give you the best price every time.

Expedited Account

Use this for your first order. Reserve the load you want and we’ll quickly expedite your new account with a line of credit or wire transfer arrangements.

Easy-to-use System

Ordering is as simple as: Click on the offer > View the details > Place your order.

We’re Dedicated to Serving Our Customers

Whether you’re a supplier looking for a human on the other end of the line when you call, or a builder that wants great deals delivered to your job site mobile phone, check out how our proprietary technology and service-minded team work together to put your needs first.

Want to learn more? Call us at 888.856.6677 or complete this form and a Silvaris representative will reach out.