How Using Silvaris B Grade Materials and Smart Technology Can Help

The Stark Reality: A Waste-Filled Industry

It’s no surprise the construction industry is a big player when it comes to landfill waste. In the U.S. alone, over 600 million tons of construction waste were generated in 2018. What’s more, up to 30% of all materials delivered to a construction site can end up as waste. Which means there’s a lot of room for improvement.

Using B Grade Materials

Here at Silvaris, we’re stepping in with solutions. We specialize in sourcing and selling B Grade construction materials. These are quality materials with minor imperfections that are still totally usable. By doing this, we’re keeping these materials out of landfills and putting them back into the construction cycle.

Tech-Savvy Solutions: Our Calculators and Cutting Program

But we’re not stopping at just supplying materials. We offer technology-based solutions like our Material Calculators and Cutting Program to help you get the most out of what you buy. These tools let you make precise estimates and cuts, so you can minimize waste and maximize efficiency.

The Perks of Going B Grade

  1. Easy on the Wallet: B Grade materials are more budget-friendly, making your projects more cost-effective.
  2. Quality Checked: Don't let the “B” fool you. These materials meet our high-quality standards.
  3. Less is More: Using B Grade materials means you’re part of the solution to reduce construction waste and keep useful materials out of landfills.

The Industry’s Shifting Tide

The construction industry is slowly adopting methodologies like lean construction and value engineering to cut down on waste. It’s a step in the right direction, and we’re right there with them.
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