Considering Freight & Insurance Damaged Building Materials

Discover the benefits of these hidden gems.

With construction costs continuing to escalate, our customers (and yours!) are constantly seeking ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality. For over 20 years, Silvaris has re-invented how to lower construction costs by providing B Grade and surplus building materials. 

Another lesser-known source of deep discounts we pass on to our clients is through delivering freight and insurance damage materials. It’s an industry game-changer that plays a big role in reducing construction costs by sourcing materials from unconventional avenues and keeping them out of landfills.

We operate in the often-overlooked niches of the freight transportation industry, including truck freight claims, marine shipping or port claims, freight damage and abandoned cargo. We procure a wide variety of building materials at significant discounts, which we pass on to you. Here's how we turn what others see as logistical issues into a benefit for the construction industry.

  1. Truck Freight Claims: The transportation of goods is a complex process fraught with potential issues. Accidents, mishandling, or delivery errors can all lead to truck freight claims, where the goods transported become a subject of dispute. We capitalize on these instances, purchasing these disputed goods at lower costs. The goods, often in perfectly usable condition, are then made available to you at significantly reduced prices.
  2. Marine Shipping or Port Claims: Similar to truck freight claims, maritime shipping claims occur due to various reasons like damage during transit, unclaimed goods, or administrative errors. By harnessing these opportunities, we can buy these materials at discounted rates.
  3. Freight Damage: As we’ve all experienced during transportation, damage is sometimes unavoidable. But “damage” doesn't always mean “unusable”. We buy these slightly damaged goods, often at a fraction of the original cost. Once the nature of the damage is assessed and deemed acceptable (sometimes superficial or aesthetic), these materials are sold to our clients for projects where the damage won't impact functionality or safety.
  4. Abandoned Cargo: Each year, an astonishing amount of cargo is left unclaimed or abandoned at ports worldwide. These goods, stuck in logistical limbo, are typically auctioned off. We take advantage of these situations, buying up quality building materials at savings.

In each of these scenarios, we’ve managed to tap into a resource stream that most have overlooked. By doing so, we can create a win-win situation. You gain access to discounted building materials, which can significantly lower your costs. At the same time, materials that might otherwise go to waste find a new purpose, contributing to a more sustainable industry ecosystem.

In a construction industry where the bottom line is constantly under scrutiny, any opportunity to lower costs without compromising quality is a plus. By bridging the gap between freight claims, freight damage, and abandoned cargo, and the construction industry, we turn logistical hurdles and slight damage into a benefit, proving that with a bit of creativity and strategic thinking, along with our cutting-edge technology that tracks inventory and reports this to you in real time, the potential savings are at your fingertips.

Contact us today and ask how freight/insurance damage building materials can work for you.