Our Mission

Technology leadership in a real-world industry.

Silvaris was created out of a desire to modernize a classic American foundation. Our country was built on human ingenuity and hard work. Nothing encapsulates that more than the building of structures. Over the years, industry standards for manufacturing, counting, and pricing building materials have been formed but have lagged other industries in terms of technology.

Silvaris’ goal is to streamline the industry by providing data-oriented processes that help every link in the supply chain to maximize effectiveness in production and profit. 


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Did You Know

Did you know Silvaris buys and sells over 100 different products?

We deal in Lumber, Flooring, Tile, Plywood, OSB, Siding, Roofing, and more. Be sure to ask your salesperson if there is something you’re looking for. Talk to one of our experts to see if we can help you liquidate your off-grade product.