B-Grade Lumber vs Premium Grade Lumber

B Grade Lumber vs. Premium Grade Lumber

When planning out a woodworking project, you will be faced with deciding on a grade of lumber. You will find lumber with so many designations, including Grade B, premium, No. 3, and so many more. The question is, what do all these grades mean, and what distinctions make one grade better than another? Each grade …

Differences Between Hardwood and Softwood

What are the differences between Hardwood and Softwood Lumber

People who don’t regularly work with lumber would be challenged to mention even one major difference between hardwood and softwood lumber other than the fact one material is harder than the other. The fact is there are several major differences between hardwood and softwood limber. Anyone who is planning a building or construction project that …

OSB Instead of Sheetrock

Can I Use OSB Board Instead of Sheetrock

Having to decide on what materials to use when building or remodeling can sometimes be a tough decision. It’s a process that requires critical thinking for effective results. One choice that you may face is to choose between Oriented Strand Board and sheetrock. Here are some reasons why OSB could be more of a preferable …

Different Grades of Hardwood Flooring

Different Grades of Hardwood Flooring

There is no denying that hardwood flooring add an air of elegance and sophistication to any room in a house or office. That is certainly true when comparing hardwood floors to tile floors and carpeting. At the same time, the grade of the hardwood floor will have an effect on how good a room looks. …

What is OSB Sheathing

What is OSB Sheathing Used For?

Sheathing is the supporting structure that acts as a cover for the surfaces of a building. The main function of sheathing is to provide a surface where other materials can be applied to, either on either floors, roofs, or walls of structures. It also provides additional structural integrity to buildings. Oriented strand boards are increasingly …

OSB as Flooring

Using OSB as Your Primary Floor

Flooring projects are a fantastic way to change the mood of an entire room. Dark woods can bring a dramatic look, while marble tile can bring a cleaner, modern feel. Today, there are so many different flooring options that work for any room style, as well as any environmental requirements. Whether you are putting in …

Types of Flooring

What Type of Flooring is Best For Your Situation

Today, there are so many different types of flooring solutions to choose from. Aside from your traditional carpet, tile, and wood floors, there are many technologies that allow for the use of other materials like laminate, vinyl, bamboo, and other engineered floors. These different types of floor vary in look, finish, hardness, flexibility, cleanability, installation …

Oriented Strand Board Water Resistant

Is OSB Plywood Water Resistant?

When building residential wood structures, a good home builder will invest a lot of time in choosing the materials that will best serve future homebuyers. Sometimes, the cost of materials will be a primary concern, forcing the homebuilder to consider the cheapest alternatives. Other times, the focus might fall on materials that are more practical …

Oriented Strand Board vs Plywood

Is Oriented Strand Board and Plywood The Same?

Construction and remodeling are a complex activity that requires careful decision-making and research. Hence, the used materials must be of high quality. In this case, a choice between oriented strand boards and plywood sheets may have to be made. By adhering to this, you can be sure that whatever you build will have an ideal …

Hardboard Panel Uses

Hardboard Masonite Panels and their Industrial Uses

Hardboard’s unique qualities make it an ideal option as a panel substrate for hundreds of different products. Commonly known as “Masonite”, hardboard is a thin, strong board made from wood fiber derivates like chips.