Types of Flooring

What Type of Flooring is Best For Your Situation

Today, there are so many different types of flooring solutions to choose from. Aside from your traditional carpet, tile, and wood floors, there are many technologies that allow for the use of other materials like laminate, vinyl, bamboo, and other engineered floors. These different types of floor vary in look, finish, hardness, flexibility, cleanability, installation …

Oriented Strand Board Water Resistant

Is Oriented Strand Board (OSB) Water Resistant?

When building residential wood structures, a good home builder will invest a lot of time in choosing the materials that will best serve future homebuyers. Sometimes, the cost of materials will be a primary concern, forcing the homebuilder to consider the cheapest alternatives. Other times, the focus might fall on materials that are more practical …

Oriented Strand Board vs Plywood

Is Oriented Strand Board and Plywood The Same?

Construction and remodeling are a complex activity that requires careful decision-making and research. Hence, the used materials must be of high quality. In this case, a choice between oriented strand boards and plywood sheets may have to be made. By adhering to this, you can be sure that whatever you build will have an ideal …

Hardboard Panel Uses

Hardboard Masonite Panels and their Industrial Uses

Hardboard’s unique qualities make it an ideal option as a panel substrate for hundreds of different products. Commonly known as “Masonite”, hardboard is a thin, strong board made from wood fiber derivates like chips.

Lumber Sales - How Small Stores Compete

Lumber Sales: How Small Building Materials Stores Compete

Smaller stores have the flexibility to provide value-added services or products. One way to do this is by offering a discounted, off-grade lumber product that satisfies the needs of your DIY, industrial, shed/garage builders, and certain remodelers. 

OSB Structural Panels

Plywood or OSB Structural Panels Pros and Cons

Both OSB and Plywood are reliable, strong options for roofing, sheathing, flooring, as well as many other applications. The renewability of wood makes either product widely available, therefore a good option for almost all buildings.

Affordable B-Grade Hardwood Flooring Options

Affordable B-Grade Hardwood Flooring Options

Flooring retailers all struggle with the balance of quality products vs. affordable prices. These days, customers want the best bang for their buck. Stocking B Grade hardwood flooring can be the answer for many of your customers.

B Grade Commercial Roofing

B Grade Commercial Roofing Options for Retailers

Many people think the risk of buying products without a warranty is not worth it, but for the right application, B Grade commercial roll roofing can be a great option. For a significantly reduced cost, it might worth checking it out! 

Low-Grade Panels for DIY

Low-Grade Panels for DIY Customers Needs

Local retailers who stock discount building materials can go a long way toward maintaining the loyalty of their valued customers. Providing an affordable alternative to build cheap outbuildings, chicken coops, and barn interiors is the key to keeping clients happy and still turning a profit.