Buying Wholesale Building Materials Online

Buying Wholesale Building Materials Online

It’s no secret that everything under the sun lives behind a screen these days. It’s been just under 30 years since online shopping first became possible. Travel agents and airlines led the way, and the first consumable product sold online was Sting’s album “Ten Summoners Tales”. Buying goods online has come a long way since those days. Ok, maybe it’s no big deal to buy a pair of jeans or your favorite sunglasses online and have it shipped to your house. But online building materials? Really? Yes, really! Buying wholesale building materials online is a viable way to purchase.

The growth of internet technologies has evolved the way busy purchasing agents do their jobs.

Traditionally, manufacturers, contractors, builders, and retailers had to find a wholesale building materials dealer (or be found by one) and create a relationship with a salesperson to be able to capitalize on the best available deals. However, in a climate of shrinking margins and intense competition, sellers, wholesale dealers, and buyers alike have to find more efficient ways to transact business. And computers are all about efficiency.

That doesn’t mean that relationship sales are dead. Not by any stretch. Selling building materials online gives the parties involved another tool with which to communicate – and gives dealers a wider range of options at better prices to offer their customers. The internet will never take the place of people – but the smartest and savviest companies are expanding those relationships by creating a path for customers to order online.

The best online sellers understand that customers need assurance that what they are buying is what they want.

It’s a pretty new thing to buy lumber online! That’s where communication technologies like chat and email come into play. Your salesperson is still there – you just have a lot more ways to reach them to get your questions answered before you click the buy button.

Online sales of building supplies are here to stay. It’s a growing trend in all industries and many wholesale companies are embracing it, while still maintaining those longstanding customer relationships. In a competitive world, the ones who don’t evolve get left behind. So take a peek at that screen – you never know what deals you might find!

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