Buy lots of roofing material? Increase your profits with B Grade

Are you ramping up roofing material inventory but looking for a way to cut down on cost? Maybe you've heard of B Grade roofing material, but you're not sure what it is or whether it's right for your clients. 

What is B Grade Roofing?
The main difference between A Grade and B Grade roofing material is that B Grade is sold without a warranty. The cost of B Grade roll roofing can be a major advantage as long as you’re able to work around the defects. 

B Grade roll roofing defects include the rolls being made too long or too short, under saturated, or being too thick or too thin. When you buy B Grade roll roofing from us we’ll let you know what the defects are so you can choose the best product for your project.

B Grade shingles are high quality; usually the color is just slightly different from the manufacturer's A Grade shingles. In the end, using B Grade shingles saves you and your clients money without sacrificing performance.

Why We Carry B Grade Roofing
At Silvaris, we offer B Grade as an alternative to traditional roofing materials for two reasons: to keep it out of landfills and to save our customers money. In fact, over the last 23 years, we’ve kept 445,000 tons of shingles out of landfills.

While B Grade doesn’t come with a warranty, it’s great for retailers that cater to home-improvement customers and roofing contractors replacing or repairing roofs that like to have a supply of rolls or shingles on hand. 

It’s Not Just For Residential Homes or Commercial Projects
Other common uses for B Grade roofing materials that aren’t home improvement or commercial projects include portable buildings, sheds and outbuildings. B Grade is also a great choice for barns, especially if the owner is looking to stop water damage and get more years of use out of it without sinking in a lot of cash.

The Right Material for the Job
We understand that not every project requires the highest quality materials, and we want to provide our customers with affordable alternatives. Our B Grade roofing material can be relied upon for durability and longevity as long as it’s paired with the right type of project.

So if you're looking for low-cost roofing material for your customers, consider purchasing B Grade. We’re happy to help you find the right match and the best price.

Thinking about increasing your inventory of B Grade roofing material? Contact us for more information. Our tech-savvy, friendly customer service team has their finger on the pulse of all the latest deals!