B Grade Commercial Roofing

B Grade Commercial Roofing Options for Retailers

Discount B Grade Commercial Roofing products show valuable returns.

Commercial roofs and residential roofs are quite different, but they have a number of similarities. One of the most significant things they share is that repairs can be very expensive. It is crucial that the company building or repairing a roof understands the products needed.

Commercial roofs are more difficult to design and install. Roofers need to consider things like industrial equipment, large smokestacks, HVAC system control units, and a much larger area to cover. B Grade commercial roofing products can be used for many commercial roofs, but are almost exclusively used on flat roofs where a warranty is not required.

The key difference between A Grade and B Grade asphalt roofing (also known as bitumen rolls, or torch down roll roofing), is that B Grade products are sold without a warranty. The cost of B Grade roll roofing can be a major advantage to a roofing installer as long as they are able to work around the defects that resulted in downgrading the product. B Grade defects include rolls being made too long or too short, under saturation, or the product being too thick or too thin.

Retail roofing supply vendors are smart to carry some amount of B Grade commercial roofing products, as there are often surprise opportunities to capitalize on the cost savings. In addition to carrying asphalt rolled roofing, stores should stock commercial roofing adhesive, base and cap materials, roll on roof sealant, and other roofing accessory products that could be utilized by their customers.

Many people think the risk of buying products without a warranty is not worth it, but for the right application, B Grade roll roofing can be a great option. For a significantly reduced cost, it might worth checking it out!

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