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Seconds + Surplus

Surplus Inventory Items

Click to see sample photos and inquire about current availability for:
- Faucets
- Vanities
- Composite Decking
- Lighting
- Misc Furniture Loads
- Bathroom Hardware
- Toilets
- Paneling

Multiple Locations
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Furniture and Home Décor Items

Multiple loads of furniture and home décor items
Combination of large and small furniture items along with a good variety of nice home décor items.

U.S. Locations
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Composite Deck Railing

1st quality, stored indoors
Colors: Cedar, Driftwood, Mahogany, Walnut
Quantaties include 4,6,8' rails, sleeves, trim, caps and screws
Material sorted as kits

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TJI Series I-Joists (210, 360, 560)

10% weathered | 90% normal
TJI Stock stored inside & outside. Paper wrapped
Material is 12-18 months old
Supplier liquidating stock due to new supplier
14 trucks available

Omaha, NE
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Engineered Parallam PSL Beams Headers & Columns

20% Weathered | 80% Normal
Material is 12-18 months old
Stored outside, paper wrapped
3 trucks of PSL headers & columns
0.5 trucks of treated PSL headers and columns
Columns and posts are ideal for ground and fresh water contact and salt water splash applications
Beams and headers are ideal for exterior, above ground use
Protects against termites and decay causing fungi
Treated throughout the cross section
Kiln dried after treatment (KDAT)
30-year limited warranties`

Omaha, NE
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Aluminum Balusters

•First quality production. Stored dry in warehouse. Retail packaging.
•Primarily popular colors; Black, Bronze and Hammered Bronze.
•10 colors including fasteners, mounts and accessories.
•Low Gloss AAMA-2603 Powder Coated Finish
•Limited Lifetime Warranty

York, NE
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Housewares/Kitchen Merchandise

Shelf-pulls, overstock & customer returns
Pallet/Truckload Quantities
Sold As-Is

Various Locations
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1x10x10'-16' #3 SYP KDHT S4S

Prompt TL
*3/4/4/2 (22,133 BF/TL)

Sparkman, AR
$362 / mbf
2x4x8’ #4 SYP KDHT S4S

Truckload available

Waldo, AR
$305 / mbf
Winnfield, LA
$255 / mbf
2x4x10’-16’ #4 SYP KDHT S4S

Truckload available
*even tally 21,000 BF/TL

$280 / mbf
2x4 #4 SYP KDHT S4S

Truckload available
*0/8’, 2/10’, 7/12’, 3/14’, 2/16’ – 22784bf

$285 / mbf
2x4x4’ #4&BTR SYP KDHT S4S

1 truckload available

$245 / mbf
Cottage Grove, OR
$295 / mbf
Cottage Grove, OR
$415 / mbf
Cottage Grove, OR
$295 / mbf
Cottage Grove, OR
$235 / mbf
Cottage Grove, OR
$235 / mbf

Siding + Hardboard

Cedar Texture Hardboard

PRODUCT: 4’ x 4’ Hardboard Drop, Cedar Texture, ½” thick
DESCRIPTION: A-Grade Drop. One side cedar texture, the other raw hardboard. Un-primed. All square edges
NOTES: No warranty
PACKAGING: 30 units @ 50 pcs per unit (24,000sf) – Units are wrapped
QUANTITY: 3 trucks available
FOB: Salem or Klamath Falls, Oregon

Salem or Klamath Falls, OR
$170 / msf
Shingle Lap Siding

PRODUCT: 1' x 4' Staggered Shingle Lap Siding, Econ Grade, ½” thick
DESCRIPTION: One side cedar texture, the other raw hardboard.
NOTES: No warranty; actual size: ½" x 11-½" x 48"
PACKAGING: 45 units @ 140 pcs per unit (25,200sf)
QUANTITY: 1 truck available
FOB: Klamath Falls, Oregon

Klamath Falls, OR
$215 / msf
Siding Panel, OSB 48" x 48.5" Textured Mill Run 3/8 inch

Siding Panel, OSB 48" x 48.5" Textured Mill Run 3/8 inch

Denmark, WI
$155 / msf (add freight)
Laredo, TX
$165 / msf


Riverside, CA
$250 / msft
Roof Insulator / Wall Sound Deadening Panel

Wood Fiberboard 1/2" 4x8 (Natural/Uncoated)
Roof insulator - Sound Deadening Board
A-Grade Product
Vans with 24 units @ 96
Full trucks available to all States

Various Locations
Call for Delivered Pricing
El Paso, TX
$4.99 / piece


Salem, OR
$150 / msf
3/8”- 4’x9’ Reject

1 truck available

Salem, OR
$175 / msf
Tupelo, MS
$290 / msf
7/16” 4’x9’- Economy

2 trucks available

Memphis, TN
$165 / msf
Hill Grove, AL
$125 / msf


Commercial Roll Roofing

Self Adhesive, Torch, Mop, Granulated Cap Sheet and Base Sheet
B+ Grade
No Warranty
400 rolls per TL

Various Locations
Call for Delivered Price
Roofing Shingle Deals

Unwrapped B Grade
23 Tons per Truck (+/-)
Laminates & 3-tabs

Various Locations
Call for Delivered Price
Spun Bond Synthetic Roofing Underlayment

A Grade w/warranty
56-10 square rolls per pallet
Can order as small as 2 pallets up to 30 pallets truckload

Various Locations
Call for Pricing
Economy #2 Felt - Mixed TLs of 15lb & 30lb

Single Stacked Pallets
840 rolls per truck/28 pallets per truck

Various Locations
Call for Delivered Pricing
Ice & Water Shield 2nds

2 Trucks Available
1 Truck Load Available 1sq
42 rolls per Pallet
20 Pallets per TL
$4.50 roll + freight

1 Truck Load Available 2sq
30 rolls per Pallet
20 Pallets per TL
$12 roll + freight

Call for Delivered Pricing
Torch Granulated 2nds

400-425 rolls per TL

Call for Delivered Pricing

Flooring + Tile

Unfinished Red and White Oak Flooring Stock

Select and Better: This grade is slightly lower than the clear, still present uniform color and little to no knots and pinholes
#1 Common: This grade presents with more color variation, shorter board length with greater length variation, and an increased chance of visible knots and pinholes.
#2 Common: Boards show natural Character, with darker and light boards, shorter board length, with an increase in visible knots and pinholes

Truckload Offers
2 Truckloads 3” Sel RO
1 Truckload 3 ¼” Sel RO
1 Truckload 5” 1C RO
1 Truckload 5” 2C RO
4 Pallets 3” 1C RO
5 Pallets 3” 1C WO
9 Pallets 3 ¼” 2C RO

SHORTS (2 Com & Btr w/High Percentage 1C & BTR)
2 ¼” RO 838 sf
3” RO 581 sf
3 ¼” RO 675 sf
4” RO 1840 sf
5” RO 943 sf
3” WO 602 sf
4” WO 4,301 sf
5” WO 2,737 sf

Collinwood, TN
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Interior Trim Moulding

MDF Primed - SHOP Grade Moulding
Factory sorted in 16' units
B Grade due to primer runs, skips, blemishes
Mixed Base and Crown profiles
Truckloads Approx: 50,000 LF+

$3,950 / truck
3/4x3-1/4 Solid French Oak

Prefinished Gunstock
16,000 sq ft

$2.25 / take all
$2.49 / sf
$1.79 / sf
3/4x5 and 3-1/4 Patagonian Cherry

1 and better
45 days program

$2.69 / sf
Home Décor WPC Vinyl Plank

• Home Décor Retail Packaged
• 7mm Thickness
• 7” x 48” Plank with 4 sided Beveled Edges
• Embossed in Register Surface (EIR)
• 20mil Wear Layer
• 100% Virgin Vinyl, UV Coated, Wood Grain Texture
• Attached Waterproof Pad Underlayment (premium IXPE, crosslinked, closed cell pad)
• Installs over most existing hard surface floors
• Easy Click Installation
• Waterproof
• Manufacturer Lifetime Residential Warranty
• Manufacturer 15 Year Commercial Warranty
• 3 Color Choices (see Below)
• Mix and Match with LVT or SPC in Warehouse

• Boxed, Palletized
• 35.20 SF/Carton
• 45 Cartons/Pallet
• 1584 SF/Pallet
• 20 pallets/TL

LTL and TL orders are available - Contact your trader for full details

Charleston, SC
$1.59 / sf
Vinyl Click Plank Flooring LVP/LVT 2nds

Major Brand - can be off spec color or blemish; generally all installable flooring
Click 4.2mm & 4.5mm thickness
Most all 12mil wear layer (20mil, some 8mil possible)
No Warranty
Boxed and Labeled - 20 pallets/TL (1000+ ctns/TL)
SIZES: 6x36", 6x48", & 7.5x52"

FOB Southeast
$0.89 / sf
1/2" Engineered Birch & Oak

Wire Brushed Engineered Oak Flooring Special
-½” x 5” x 48” RL (1.5mm wear layer)-
-2 Trucks Available
-SF/Pallet = 1,049.92 SF
-Pallets/TL = 19
-SF/TL = 19,948.48 SF Per Load

Hand Scraped Engineered Birch Flooring Special
-½” x 6” x 71”RL (2 mm wear layer)-
-1 Truck Available
-SF/Pallet = 1,178
-Pallets/TL = 17
-SF/TL = 20,026 SF Per Load

Tualatin, OR
$1.25 / sf FOB
$0.89 / take all
5.5mm SPC Vinyl Click

5.5mm 6x48 12mil wear NC Oak Rigid Core Vinyl Click Flooring Special

-All first quality
-6x48" planks
-5.5mm total thickness, no pad attached
-12 mil wear layer
-All Micro-beveled edges
-Full warranty from manf.
-Pictures attached of color available
-19.2 sf/carton, 55 cartons/pallet
-2 Trucks Available
-21,120 SF/TL
**$0.99 / sf take all deal**

Ontario, CA
$1.05 / sf FOB
$1.89 / sf
3.7mm 7x48 Rigid Core Vinyl Plank

**Closeout Special**
20 Mil Wear Layer
24 total Pallets - 1,750 boxes (1.2 trucks) of promo Rigid Core (no pad attached)
All First Quality with manufacturer warranty and packaging
PRICING NOTE: $1.14/sf TAKE ALL offer

$1.18 / sf - Delivered to your Location
Glue Down Vinyl Plank and/or Tile

1st quality available

$0.42 / sf
8x36 Porcelain Truck Load #1

Boxed & Palletized
-8x36 Birch 1720.43sf
-8x36 Mahogany 3440.86sf
-8x36 Bourbon 2305.85sf
-8x36 Powder 2267.96sf

Contact your Salesperson
8x36 Porcelain Truck Load #2

Boxed & Palletized
-8x36 Bourbon 2867.38sf
-8x36 Polar 2294.02sf
-8x36 Smoke 2294.02sf
-8x36 Smooth 2294.02sf

Contact your Salesperson
Truckloads of Porcelain B-Grade Tile

SIZE / COLOR: 12x24 Factory
SF per Truck: 11592.736 sf

$0.15/sf plus Freight