Product Specials

Flooring & Tile

13×13 and 18×18 First Quality Ceramic Tile Lawrenceburg, TN $0.30/sf Inquire
Mixed Loads – First Quality Porcelain 2-8 skus, mixed sizes TN $1,500/truck Inquire
6×24 Walnut Builder’s Grade Porcelain Tile Lawrenceburg, TN $0.55/sf Inquire


2x6x2′ Mill Run SYP KDHT S4S Shuqualak, MS $199/mbf Inquire


15/32″ Non-Cert – 792pcs Lillie, LA $305/msf Inquire
4×8 19/32″ TechShield
14units @ 52ppu
Jasper, TX $345/msf Inquire


1/2″ 4×8 Roof Insulator Fiberboard Panels (Sound Deadening board)
Choice of Uncoated Natural Panel & Asphalt Coated
U.S. States Call/email for Delivered Pricing to your state! Inquire
#2 Wrapped Laminate Shingles Mid West, Mid Atlantic, Northeast, South New Pricing – Call your salesperson for eligible colors! Inquire
Economy Shake Asphalt Shingles
Colors available: Black, Brown Wood, Weathered Rock, Greystone
(material damaged in transit, sold as Economy)
California $12/bundle DELIVERED Inquire
Unwrapped Laminate Shingles
Approx 200sq per truck
Memphis, TN $1,900/truck Inquire
Unwrapped Laminate Shingles
Approx 200sq per truck
Medina, OH $1,900/truck Inquire
Unwrapped 3-tab Shingles
Approx 220sq per truck
Medina, OH $1,700/truck Inquire


1/4″ Sanded Shop
12 units@108 ppu
Colton, CA $345/msf Inquire
1/2″ Rejects
12 units@72 ppu
Colton, CA $425/msf Inquire
1/2″ Shop
14 units@72 ppu
Virginia $369/msf Inquire
5/8″ Blows
16 units@55 ppu
Southern Cal $445/msf Inquire
1/2″ Shop
12 units@70 ppu
Georgia $359/msf Inquire

Siding & Hardboard

Vinyl Siding – 466 squares Delivered North America $33/sq Inquire
8″ x 16′ Textured Hardboard Siding 1/2″ thick Portland, OR $200/msf Inquire
4′ x 10′ Smooth Cement Fiber Siding Panel Statesville, NC $1,950/truck Inquire

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