Updated June 20, 2007

How We Use Information

Silvaris Corporation (also doing business as LowGradeLumber) respects the privacy of your personal and company information. We collect this private information in order to improve the services we provide to you.

We may provide limited private information to third parties assisting us in providing better services to our customers. These may include, for example, logistics providers, advertising agencies, risk management services such as Dun & Bradstreet, or known distributors of a product we do not sell. Silvaris does not disclose private information to third parties, except if compelled by law.

We may use your email address to send you information about our services or to send market-related offers to you. We will not share your email address with any outside parties for marketing purposes.

We may publish price indexes as a service to our customers. Our indexes are aggregate composites of several transactions and do not reflect individual transactions.

Information We Collect

Silvaris may collect private information including but not limited to names, titles, addresses, phone and fax numbers, email addresses, marketing and transaction histories, passwords, credit information, computer and connection information such as browser type or connecting IP address, your followed link to and from our web sites, page interactions, and telephone logs.

How This Information is Collected

We may collect information from sources such as web forms you fill out, notes a salesman records, automatic information we collect as you navigate through web sites or speak with us on the phone. We also collect information from third party credit services such as Dun & Bradstreet.

Information You Can View and Change

Silvaris may show you information about your account online, which may include contact and shipping information, order histories, orders in progress, past invoices, and other information. In some circumstances we may provide you with the ability to change private information. For example, if your email, telephone, or mailing address needs to be updated, Silvaris allows you to edit that information in My Account. You may also edit some of your personal information by requesting changes by phone, fax, or email.

Your information may form a permanent record in our database. If we cease having an active business relationship with you, your information may be de-activated and essentially dormant, yet we may retain historical records that include your private information.

Information Security

The private information we collect is protected from unauthorized access using standard measures. For example, we protect your security on web sites using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software that encrypts data input into our systems.

To help ensure the privacy of your information, protect your computer and passwords from theft and unauthorized use. Also, if using a shared computer, be sure to log off when you are finished.

Changes to This Policy

Silvaris retains the right to change our privacy policies at any time for any reason. Current policy will be available in this online document.

Privacy Concerns

Questions or concerns about this policy or your personal information may be directed by mail to:

Silvaris Corporation
Attn: Privacy Policy
505 5th Ave. South, Suite 610
Seattle, WA 98104 USA
Or call 206-328-0185 and ask to speak with our marketing department.