Silvaris Corporation was founded in 2000 by a team of forest industry professionals and web technology experts. The company’s founders recognized a relative lack of technological advancement in the lumber and building materials sector, and began to work on filling that gap.

By leveraging the power of an industry-leading group of traders, Silvaris developed programs tailored to the needs of real-world lumber buyers and sellers. The unique combination of trading expertise and software engineering leadership resulted in the first e-commerce platform in North America specific to forest products.

Silvaris is headquartered in Seattle, WA with sales and operations groups spanning the US, Canada and Mexico.

Next Generation Trading (NGT)

Next Generation Trading

Silvaris' flagship web-based trading platform, NGT™, brings together industry participants through secure online channels for buying, selling, storing, and transporting lumber, panels, and building products across the globe.

Giving Back

Silvaris Corporation and employees have a true passion for helping other organizations and individuals succeed. Some of the notable organizations that Silvaris helps are Habitat for Humanity, Compass Housing Alliance, and Agros International.